CX: A better way to make

Goodbye fail-fast, hello learn-fast. Rapid prototyping is the cornerstone of our methodology, enabling us to develop products faster, testing and continuously improving functionalities as we go. The result is better experiences that benefit your customers every day.

Building on data-driven empathy

Our approach starts with taking a step back. That is, we must first learn more about your business reality, your ambitions and your people. We really mean it when we say it’s a collaborative process.

Design decisions, made collaboratively

The next step is to learn more about the people who are your customers. To engage with them and ask them how they feel, comparing it to the data to better understand their needs, expectations, aspirations. We seek to know and not just presume.

Arcadia is a unique marketing research tool developed by Havas Group and powered by artificial intelligence. The AI is what helps us quickly identify gaps and opportunities on the customer journey—and then adjust the strategy and design accordingly.

Havas Montréal proposed an efficient and high performance methodology that places innovation at the heart of the experience we could offer our customers.

Vincent Lévesque, Senior Director, UX-UI, National Bank of Canada

Learning at the heart of innovation

We then consolidate our research results to generate useful hypotheses and approaches that can be tested and transformed into guiding design principles. Principles that will ultimately orient the design of your customer experience. We think before we act.

CX, powered by AI

With prototyping, we can keep it light or dive deep. Whether it’s a sketched scenario in a notebook or developing a functional interface to test users and our hypotheses, we want to learn fast in order to move forward fast.