Weekend reading list – week of April 23, 2018

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of April 23rd 2018.

The appification of friendship
Millennials increasingly feel isolated and alone. Can the internet help solve a problem it created with new platforms and mobile apps?
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IKEA and the limits of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence researchers have managed to teach industrial robots how to assemble an IKEA chair. But it took a pair of them, pre-programmed by humans, more than 20 minutes to assemble a chair that one person could knock together in a fraction of the time.
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I work, therefore I am
Who should a CEO turn to in times of crisis? A lawyer or an executive coach? How about… a philosopher? Many companies are turning to professional thinkers to help them reflect and work through difficult decisions.
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Navigating the web after 40 years in prison
After four decades in prison, Edward Minor, 62, is re-integrating into his community. Not surprisingly, he has a lot of catching up to do. One of his biggest challenges? Navigating the online world.
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Alexa is a revelation for the blind
When we talk about Alexa, it’s usually about recent innovations. how its design compares with other models, or even questions about security and confidentiality. But what about its actual usefulness? Especially for the blind…
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How brands are marking marijuana’s increasingly mainstream holiday
AdWeek presents its favourite 4/20 ads, from safe rides with Lyft to trippy ads for pot(ting soil), featuring a ukelele-playing Aunt Mary and her indoor gardening tips for Mighty Blend.
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In your earbuds: Sandra
Kristen Wiig and Alia Shawkat star in a new podcast series called Sandra produced by Gimlet Media. This fictional story follows Helen, who thinks that a new job will help her escape her banal existence. But working for a virtual personal assistant proves to be more disruptive than first imagined.
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This week’s favourite thing
Live parrots, rainbow hammocks, exploding bricks … Britain is on the verge of a Brazilian art invasion—and it all started with a wartime gift for embattled airmen.

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