Weekend reading list – week of June 25, 2018

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 25, 2018.

Cool grandmas
Who says that Instagram is only for Millennials? You can still be a fashion influencer after the age of 60. If you need convincing that style is ageless, try following iconaccidental, seniorstylebible or even Montrealer greceghanem on Instagram.
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How to win at Mario Kart through data science
How can you become a Mario Kart champion? According to data analyst Henry Hinnefeld, the secret is choosing the right combination of kart, character and tires. See, data can be applied to everything!
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Alexa, in French, svp!
When you move to a new country, integration means taking the time to learn the local language, customs and culture.The same is true for artificial intelligence. Alexa, Amazon’s vocal assistant, was recently introduced to France and ooh la la, did she have some cultural differences to reconcile.
Read it on Vanity Fair France (In French)

Cooking for your followers
Sharing photos of home-cooked meals on social media is all the rage. Although presentation is key, according to this new wave of “socialchefs”, this movement is about more than platingand showing off star ingredients—it’s about a sense of belonging and self-esteem too.
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Watching TV alone
Long gone is the time when you absolutely had to be home (or program your VHS) for can’t-miss TV shows. Whether it’s binge-watching or catching up on episodes online, digital has changed the way watch TV. Although this new flexibility better suits our hectic schedules, journalist Adam Sternbergh observes that we’ve lost the communal act of watching television together.Is live-tweeting replacing TV’s social side?
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In your earbuds: Empty Frames
Empty Frames is a real treasure hunt! This podcast attempts to solve the mysteries surrounding one of the biggest art heists in history; that is, the theft of 13 priceless art treasures from the Gardner Museum in Boston and where they are now.

Who to follow: Kehinde Wiley
Kehinde Wiley an African-America artist. Descended from a long line of portrait artists, he paints contemporary African-Americans but in the style of the Great Masters.

Photo: Courtesy of John Huba/Art + Commerce/Raven & Snow


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