Weekend reading list – week of May 06, 2019

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Rap and philanthropy
What rappers are the most generous with their contributions to the community? “Donations” can take different forms and not all are sufficiently praised, but this article will definitely give you a glimmer of hope for humanity.
→ Read it on Urbania (French)

New York destroyed by an asteroid
Last April, during an international conference on planetary defence, experts rallied together to address the hypothesis of an asteroid hitting the earth. For five days, they discussed ways to avoid such a collision, which could easily raze the city of New York to the ground.
→ Read it on Usbek & Rica (French)

Did you hear about the mind-reading machine?
It’s not quite telepathy, but a group of scientists has successfully eavesdropped on our inner thoughts by using a newly designed algorithm that reads brain activity. For many, including patients who have lost the ability to speak, this breakthrough could soon mean everything.
Read it on L’ADN (French)

Elevating monsters
When we talk about serial killers, we should be talking about power and gender and fear. But most crime storytelling is formulaic, male-driven and gets at none of these ideas. What’s the cost of neglecting victims and the families they left behind?
→ Read it on The Cut

The underground world of healthy clubbing
For many, going out to dance is a way to escape the anxieties of everyday life. But more and more clubs are incorporating wellness practices like deep listening, adaptogenic cocktails, and plant-based cuisine to give partiers even more ways to find self-care after dark.
→ Read it on Bon appetit

What brands need to know about Fortnite
What can brands learn from the viral success of Fortnite? Our Strategist Andréa Viens talks to InfoPresse about the video game’s content strategy and how it can be applied elsewhere.
Read it on Infopresse (French)

In your earbuds: Comedy Bang Bang!
Join host Scott Aukerman for a weekly podcast that blends traditional interviews with character work from today’s funniest comedians. You’ll meet an eccentric line-up of oddballs who are always ready to engage in comic revelry.
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Instagram fave: Ben Hopper
Ben Hopper is an artist using photography as his main medium and people as his main subject. His work focuses on contemporary circus, dance and nudes in an effort to explore sexuality, identity and gender, as well as censorship and social taboos.

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Daily Mail made a new feature on my ‘Natural Beauty' project yesterday (link in my stories).

I’ve posted 2 photos from the project, and archived them. I wasn’t happy with their Engagement. This is the 3rd one I post. It's one of the 'strongest' photos from my 'Natural Beauty' project, probably the most viral one. It does make me wonder; Instagram doesn’t represent ‘my work’, it represents ‘my work on Instagram’. It’s the highlights, the viral content, the punchy stuff, the images that look good as a thumb, and will likely to attract more likes. Being on Instagram has been a very interesting learning experience for me. What am I doing here? Am I trying to go viral? Am I trying to share the work that I like? The latter has defiantly proved to be a pointless thing to do; each time I tried to share something I really loved, the engagement fell through. It’s a miserable feeling. No dopamine, no sympathy.
I am trying to be mindful when I post on here, I am trying to be present. I am trying to honest with myself, truthful. It’s hard. It’s very hard and I think it's a bit of a shame.
I would love to hear from you; what are YOUR thoughts & experience about it?

Anyway, it’s nice to see ‘Natural Beauty’ going viral again. It’s the 3rd time it’s happening since 2014. It’s a beautiful reminder how this subject and the format of the project is ever so relevant, still. It inspires me and reminds me the power of photography, the impact art has.

“…Your body is beautiful, you don’t need to burn it with lasers” – Maya Felix, in photograph (2014) See the rest of the project + words by the models on therealbenhopper.com (link in my bio).

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Photo: Marc Schafer


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