These are our builders. The decision makers who set the standards and establish the foundation our teams need to produce great creative.

Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken

President and CEO

Carle Coppens

Executive Vice-President and Creative Director

Stéphane Mailhiot

Executive Vice president, Brand strategy

Pierre-Benoit Lemieux

Vice President, Customer Experience

Nikolaos Lerakis

Managing director, La Maison W Montréal

Matthieu Parent

Vice President, Finance and operations

John Parlea

Vice president, Media Director

John Pankert

Strategy Director

Adriana Palanca

Creative Director

Gaëlle Cayrol

Group Account Director

Annie Laberge

Group Account Director, Customer Experience

Cristina Venezia

Group Media Director

Jelena Vidovic

Human Resources

Marie-Geneviève Parent

Office Director and Assistant to the President