Le Pointeur: Easing access to content

Le Pointeur is a web tool that reinvents how Quebec municipal leaders make decisions that impact quality of life for their citizens. Specifically, it provides relevant and strategic support throughout the decision-making process.

A first in Quebec's municipal regions

To help Quebecers adopt healthier habits, Quebec en forme gave municipal decision-makers access to a tool that would help them make big changes. Le Pointeur is the tool created to address their specific needs.

Municipal leaders lamented a lack of information and supporting arguments that could help them better sell projects to improve quality of life. Le Pointeur (a brand and a strategic digital support tool) was developed to help municipal leaders made decisions that positively impact health in their communities.


Reinventing the way municipal leaders made decisions for their citizens

Making content accessible

The rich content strategy collected nearly 100 sources of content in order to generate 187 precise recommendations to improve the life of citizens.

Expertise involved

Analytics. Branding. Content. Web development. Customer experience. SEM/SEO. Strategy. UX/UI.


Understanding needs

After meeting with many municipal leaders, we decided on a web-based tool that would closely support the user through the decision-making process, taking into account the size of each town and village, as well as providing concrete actions along the way.

Making it engaging

In addition to having a gamified interface, the quality of the user experience was further enhanced by front-end development that made the strategic an


Concrete results


concrete action plans



arguments to support recommendations that make a real difference in the community



municipal leaders reached

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