Renew Sloche’s brand relevancy

Over the course of four summers, we helped Sloche to position itself as the summer treat for kids 13-17 years old.

The ask

To make sure that Sloche remained everyone’s favourite summer drink, we had to speak to an ever-evolving target market.

Summer 2015

The first conclusion: campaigns from the 90s did not resonate with Generation Z. We had to develop a new platform, new flavour naming and a new campaign to redefine the brand positioning and refresh the retail strategy.

Summer 2016

Looking at how young people liked to consume their Sloche, we created a campaign that featured youth pouring colourful combinations of their favourite summer drink.

Summer 2017

This year’s campaign was based on “what adults tell you not to do.” With Sloche, youth were encouraged to make their own decisions. Two new elements: partnership with LaRonde and an influencer strategy.

Summer 2018

Following a successful first initiative with influencers, the “Slololololoche” campaign was built around influencers and user-generated content. The partnership with LaRonde was also renewed.

Expertise involved

Analytics. Content. Web development. Consumer Experience. Social Media. Strategy. Advertising. UI/UX. Production.




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