Weekend reading list – week of April 22, 2019

Photo: Ryan Johnston

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of April 22, 2019.

The search for slower, better news
Media outlets have been reduced to fighting over a shrinking share of our attention, as Facebook, Google, and other tech platforms have come to monopolize our digital lives. How can they adapt to maintain a data-informed newsroom and not a data-led one?
→ Read it on New Yorker

PornHub turns to “beesexuality”
The XXX giant reached out to BETC to help launch “BEESEXUAL”, a porn channel dedicated to savings bees. Short videos of foraging bees reveal the funny, kinky habits of nature’s tiniest heroes, with the voice talents of known porn stars. It’s time to get busy!
→ Read it on We Demain (French)

Tapping into men’s wellness
Men are showing a growing interest in meditation, yoga and supplements. Sports brands were slow to pick up on the trend, but are starting to realise that wellness isn’t just for women anymore.
Read it on Business of Fashion

Welcome to Beirut!
India Soughton steps into Beirut’s streets to document the revellers and pedlars that liven up nightlife in the Lebanese capital. A photo-essay that will introduce you to unforgettable people and places.
→ Read it on 1843 Magazine

Faking voices, bodies and faces
A slew of startups are racing to commercialize DeepFakes’s powerful, Internet-breaking AI and push the boundaries of media manipulation. But how will they ensure that the system isn’t abused by fake-newsmakers and jealous exes?
→ Read it on Fast Company

In your earbuds: Going Through It
A podcast about how hard it can be to figure out when to quit and when to keep going, is hosted by writer Ann Friedman. Guests like Hillary Clinton and Jessamyn Stanley have frank, complex conversations about the pivotal moments that defined their lives.
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Instagram fave: Tony Futura
Tony Futura’s universe is colourful and wildly funny. His concept is to find a new spin on a pop culture moment and leave your mouth agape with wonder.

Photo: Ryan Johnston


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