Weekend reading list – week of December 17, 2018

Every week, throughout the year, we share the Top 5 articles from all around the world that most piqued our curiosity. So to mark our last list of of the year, here are the ten most popular articles from 2018 that were a hit with our readers. See you the week of January 7! 🎉

Millennials are leaving big cities
Be it because of the lower cost of living, or to be closer to their families, more and more young people are choosing to settle in cities of small or medium size. Others simply decide to return to live in the city where they grew up.
→ Read it on Curbed

The big truth about the small penis
Historically, a large male member was often associated with extreme lust, foolishness and man’s animal nature. Why has our perception changed so much since then?
→ Read it on Le Devoir (In French)

The secret lives of Disney princesses
The life of a Disney princess looks easy enough: dress up in ball gowns, get home before midnight, meet Prince Charming… But for real-life Cinderellas—the women who work as characters in Disney-theme parks—life involves more than losing enchanted shoes.
→ Read it on Buzzfeed

The set of cups that shook the world
Ever since the company opened in 1977, Starbucks has issued a holiday design for its iconic cups with nary a complaint from the general public. But all that changed in 2015.
→ Read it on Medium

CGI influencers are about to flood your feed
It doesn’t get more #2018 than this: CGI Miquela is no longer an amusing stunt. She has actual potential for monetization. This virtual Instagram influencer already has deals with Giphy and Prada and has been dressed by Diesel and Moncler.
→ Read it on Wired

Why is running shoe design so horrible?
Garish colours, laces that don’t match, mis-matched textures, overly big logos. Although we don’t buy our running shoes to make a fashion statement… why do they have to be so downright ugly?
→ Read it on Racked

Are luxury brands laughing at us?
Brands constantly flirt with pop culture and with diversity, often opportunistically, but under the cover of exploring subversive codes in a new aesthetic way. But do they often go too far?
→ Read it on L’adn (In French)

Marijuana for moms
Many a meme has been made about “wine moms”—mothers who joke online about their love for a relaxing glass of cabernet, or three. In 2018, enter weed moms, who are using marijuana and its various incarnations to deal with everything from the daily aches and stresses of motherhood, to postpartum depression and anxiety, to menstrual cramps.
→ Read it on The Atlantic

The art of dying
We are increasingly more obsessed with turning everything we touch into a reflection of who we are—including death. Every funeral ceremony must now be unique and trendy. What’s more “you”, a goodbye yoga class or a biodegradable coffin?
→ Read it on The Guardian

So long, sex shops!
Often considered to be shady,  sex shops nonetheless went through a golden age. Peep shows, porn films and shelves full of erotic toys once made these boutiques a ton of money. How will they survive the digital age?
→ Read it on Rue89 (In French)

Photo: Amy Shamblen


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