Weekend reading list – week of May 7, 2018

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of May 7th 2018.

CGI influencers are about to flood your feed
It doesn’t get more #2018 than this: CGI Miquela is no longer an amusing stunt. She has actual potential for monetization. This virtual Instagram influencer already has deals with Giphy and Prada and has been dressed by Diesel and Moncler.
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The evolutionary psychology of sex robots
At the present time, sex robots are simple: they’re silicone sex dolls that have some capacity for movement and response. But manufacturers are now rolling out models of sex robots that respond to touch and penetration… that have interchangeable faces different personalities.
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How YouTube will clean up the mess that made it rich
Extremist propaganda, dangerous hoaxes, videos of tasered rats… and that’s just the content that caused the biggest scandals. YouTube is having its worst year ever. Except financially.
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How cities manage digital giants
Amazon. Airbnb. Netflix. The popularity of these brands shows no sign of slowing down. If Quebec doesn’t modernize its tax policies, the province stands to lose on the deal.
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Hollywood furever
For some of us, the most famous celebrities we follow on a daily basis are the dogs and cats of Instagram. Adorable, sassy, spoiled… with lives that appear as perfectly put-together as any Hollywood starlet’s.
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Collision 2018: 7 conference highlights
Our Director, Client Services, Élodie Doua, shares key points from her favourite Collision 2018 conferences.
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In your earbuds: Distorsion
This podcast looks at the stranger side of digital. In fact, the hosts plumb the darkest depths of the Internet in order to find the rarest of cases and deconstruct what happened. On the programme: crimes, disappearances, catfishing, conspiracies and the paranormal.
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This week’s favourite thing
Housed within the walls of the Harvard Art Museums, comprising the Fogg Museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum and Arthur M. Sackler Museum, are 2,500 of the world’s rarest colours.

Image from Lil’ Miquela


Collision 2018: 7 conference highlights

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