Mighty Blend: A first step into weedvertising

Last year, our client—a family-owned business selling growing media for more than 55 years—noticed that the tomato mix was selling extremely well to U.S. growers of cannabis for medicinal use. When they decided to make the leap from B2B to B2C, Havas Montréal helped them create a compelling consumer-facing brand.

"The challenge only fueled our creative process."

Our campaign was built around a series of tutorial-style videos with an experienced recreational cannabis grower—Aunt Mary. The major obstacle was that Facebook is extremely strict about any mention of cannabis, including all of its nicknames. Otherwise, they could pull our videos offline.


How do you market a product you can’t mention on Facebook?

“Basil”, disrupt mashup and a beat box

The videos are a combination of subtle verbal references with trippy animation design, musical outtakes, allusions to meme culture, and creative sound editing. Visually, the director and animation designer used an approach called “disrupt mashup” to create a turbulent and distorted effect that mimics the physical experience of cannabis consumption.

Expertise involved

Strategy. Video production. Animation design. Media placement.

Project roadmap

Motion design

“In the early conceptualization process, we realized that it would be far more effective and compelling to focus on Aunt Mary, rather than try to create a graphic universe around the idea of cannabis.”

Vincent Bilodeau, Animation Director, Designer


“We were often told that it would be hard to find the right candidate in Montreal, but when she walked in the room with her accordion and an improvised song about Mighty Blend, we fell instantly in love.”

Mathieu Aulagnon, Client Services

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